(logo slamming) – So what we actually
trying to achieve here? I guess we’re talking about
matching two goals together, having fun on bikes and losing weight. The fun and bikes bit
being the baseline status, the bare minimum. The losing weight bit
being the end result. Sound good? The problem we must avoid is
trying so hard to lose weight through diet or extreme training that we destroy that baseline
of mountain biking fun, and that is unfortunately easy to do. Which sucks. The way I think you can
make that much less likely is remove the word quick from
any aspect of this process. Now bear with me. If you try and rush the weight loss then the pressure to ride
too much for too long and with not enough quality
fuel onboard is very high. Rather than that approach
we’re going to focus on using consistency, fun, variety
and a good nutrition plan. With these simple pointers in place the weight loss will take care
of itself, all in good time. Before we even do the riding let’s discuss the nutrition side of things because this really is
crucial to get right if you want to lose weight. The weight loss will only happen if you burn more calories than
you eat, it’s that simple. If you burn more than you eat then the weight just comes off. My one bit of advice here is
not to binge on food or booze after your ride. A small treat, perhaps,
but not a treat meal and really try and avoid the alcohol. Rather than this, you’re going
to fuel up before the ride with a decent balanced meal that includes good carbs and
a protein source as well. Now this could go with a breakfast, you can’t beat a bowl of
overnight porridge oats with milk or soya milk, berries and honey. Sounds good, don’t it. Lunch ideas would be a to slice sandwich with a chicken breast or
meat alternative and salad. Dinner, you could go of a bowl of pasta with pesto sauce and tuna. Ooh, one of my favorites. You’ll notice each meal I mentioned there was a broad balance of good nutrition and very simple and that’s important. Then remember that your mountain
bike ride should take place about one to two hours after
you’ve put the fuel onboard. Then remember, no binging after that ride, just wait to eat your next
meal, which based on that timing should be coming up very soon. So not long to wait. (chuckling) Here’s a tip, do take a small energy bar or a gel with you as an
emergency, like these ones. These are great. Just in case you bonk,
whilst you’re out riding. “What’s bonking?” I hear you ask. Bonking is when you hit the wall whilst you’re out on a ride. You’ve got to the point
where all your available fuel has run out and your body’s eating itself. You do not want to get
into this situation, it feels awful, trust me. So take a gel or a bar, it’s a good idea. So here’s the big plan. If you fit these four riding
days into your riding week, for six weeks, whilst eating
well, as I’ve suggested, you will lose weight, and at six weeks you’ll have built the foundation
of a very good habit too. So let’s get to it. Okay, the base ride. Our first riding aim is to keep it fun. We don’t want to turn our rides into an Olympic training
routine, so the rides you go on need to be something you enjoy riding, with a trail that suits your ability. We want consistency. So you need to be able to ride the trail without continually stopping or, worse, attempting something
that’s beyond your ability. Aim for a solid hour of riding
on your fun track or trail. No stopping and at a pace you can maintain whilst enjoying all that
the terrain has to offer, that’s the base ride. Next up, ride intervals. My next challenge in the week is to take another ride on your fun trail, but rather than an overall ride time I want you to focus on intervals. Five minutes of gentle riding pace then a three minute interval
of a pace that’s about 80%-ish of your full effort. Repeat this five times, now that’s tough. This will actually be pretty difficult. Don’t be surprised to be
blowing a little bit by the end. That’s good though. Having said that, be careful
not to go more than that 80%. Sprints. To begin ride your trail for 20 minutes then at a suitable place
create a simple flat loop using two obvious points
as the turning spots. It can be from one tree to another or from one lamp post to
another lamp post and back. A there and back type deal. The distance between
should be about 50 meters. In one direction you just ride, sat down a gentle pace, easy. On the ride back, in the other direction, you’ll sprint at maximum effort. This is a really fun way to
ride with a friend, actually. Each rider starting at the
opposite end of the track and then you chase each other down. Do 10 laps. Now here’s a fun one, the skills day. This is a pure fun day. All you have to do is make sure you’re out with the bike for an hour, however don’t worry about continual riding like you did on the base day ride. This is more about stopping and starting, practicing some skills or
lines through repetition. You could do this days
riding outside your house if you wanted. Just practice wheelies
or session a cool turn or do both of those things. Anything goes on this day,
just stay with it for one hour and have fun. And what to expect. If you haven’t ridden much
recently or you’re new to riding then factor in a little
bit of added muscle going on in the first couple of weeks, alongside the fat weight coming off. This is just because the amount of riding will build strength as well as strip away that unwanted stuff. Like I said, if you fit
these four riding days into your week, for six weeks, whilst eating a balanced, nutritional diet you will lose weight. And after those six weeks you’ll
have built that foundation of a very good habit, which
will be just what you need. So how did I do? Do you think this will work? Have I solved the weight loss problem? It’s gone away. Let me know in the comment
section down below, and if you have any cool tips or experience for losing
weight through mountain biking then add them into the comment
section down there too. You’ll be helping another
rider out with that knowledge. Now, thanks for watching,
I really appreciate it, and you can click over there for another fantastic GMBN playlists of all our awesome mountain bike videos. See you next time.

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96 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight Mountain Biking | MTB Problems Solved With GMBN

  1. Hey im a great fan of the channel just asking what might be wrong with my bike because everytime i go to the trails and after every post ride everytime i pedal is there's that rough feeling while pedalling but when i wash my bike it's back to normal again but even my bike is clean or even there's just a lilltle bit of dust or dirt after every trail ride that rough feeling keeps coming back but when i remove the chain and check the bb and cranks the bearings just feel good as new i also checked the hub its still moving freely and i just upgraded my whole drivetrain and hubs last 2 months ago isnt the short chain causing all this errors on my bike

  2. I’ve had great success this winter shedding weight, by riding 3 or more days a week, if possible, for at least 1.5 continuous hrs. at a time. I also believe you need to do a couple of 2.5-4 hr., steady state rides, just to clean out the body’s sluggish fitness and get some base aerobic hrs. of fitness in. That will kickstart your metabolism. Where I’ve run into a wall sometimes in maintaining consistent weekly rides, is obviously the weather. We have had a great winter here in the Hudson Valley of NY, just below West Point, being able to ride ALL winter long at Sterling Forest, with NO snow!

  3. I cant lie the way I do it is use running as my way of doing HIIT runs to lose weight and to become a better runner and I keep the mtbiking entirerly fun just going as fast as I can and tbh i go up so many hills theres not much need for HIIT riding just shredding 🤘

  4. I have done my best when I don't look at food as food. Get into the mindset that food is not a reward but rather a fuel a necessity so you can ride. You DON'T get to eat you HAVE to eat, see not a reward but rather another thing you must do to ride MTB. Works for me, down just over 300 from 400 lbs. Now I get to ride a full squish lol.

  5. Honestly best thing to help lose weight is passion and alot of it but not everyone is gonna have that. Definitely helped me alot doe🤙🤙

  6. i thought in this video it goes about the weight of the bike like a carbon frame or something like that 😂haha
    Still a nice Video

  7. do you have any tips for riding at home when you are locked in due to coronavirus. 😀 No seriously, here we cannot ride at all… any GMBN suggestions?

  8. Keeping it fun really is the biggest thing, riding with mates makes this fun never ending…….. from experience even when your mates don't see putting on their socks as an Olympic sport there are ways in which you can all enjoy the trails together! An newly purchased E-bike has made me want to go mud plugging and winter training with anyone, now, I always look forward to the next ride and don't make excuses. Hell, the HT hasn't seen the light of day in the past 4 months – I'm sure it's lonely.

  9. Damn Martin, you are awesome! I love your plan and am going to give it a go (as much as Corona Virus lockdown lets me here in italy). I've got about 3-4kgs I need to loose while building back up from a lazy (travel and lockdown induced) winter. Cheers Mate and keep up the awesome work!!

  10. Definitely great big of advice guys 🤘
    As a guide, if you're increasing activity you'll will need more protein than you are usually used to, for optimal recovery. As a rough guide you'll need around 1.5 x your bodyweight in kg = grams of protein (based on atleast 4-5 activity days)
    I'm very active, and weigh 80kg. Because of my activity levels I have roughly 150g of protein.
    On top of this, protein is harder for your body to break down than carbs, so your body burns more calories digesting it. There's more you could cover but as a basic guide, calories in/out, high protein, activity levels and patience/consistency 👊

  11. Adding a strength training regimen has been foundational for me as my sporting activities have evolved over the years. Muscle is a calorie-burning engine that demands fuel, and there's no better way to lose fat than to maintain muscle mass and eat right. While you can certainly gain muscle and lose fat from MTB alone, I like to maintain a program that keeps my weight optimal even without MTB, and then I can just boost calories / protein to accommodate my riding. Also, I would never consider giving up post-ride beers, and you don't have to if you do everything else right.

  12. I have been following the keto diet for 10 months and picked up mountain back up in August. I have lost almost 90 pounds. Over the winter I’ve been using a smart trainer to keep my fitness level up. One thing I make sure to do every ride is have a good warm up. It’s about three and a half miles to get to my off road trails. I ride at about 70% on a paved surface before dropping in. This helps the muscles get nice and loose so you don’t get a strain. I use the same the and a half miles on the way home as a cool down only going a about 50-60%. Don’t forget to do some stretches after the ride. Post ride is also a great time to do a few pushups and sit-ups for upper body strength. Great show Martyn!

  13. Mr. Ashton: It’s a delight to see a professional at work. You are an excellent presenter and obviously love your work. I notice how understated you were with the “habit” — after following the guidelines for 6 weeks. Theron lies the kernel of wisdom. Thanks and good luck to you, SIR!

  14. Hi Martyn, I have a question..
    I was getting into dirtjumping, not even jumping tiny ramps and yesterday my back wheel slipped while going to my girlfriend's and broke my collarbone, I really can't see myself falling off a dirt jump without breaking myself in 100 pieces now and I don't think I'll be getting back into mountain biking or anything related… Any help here?

  15. I love this! I’ve never had someone lay out a weekly schedule for a set period of time for training like this before! I’m not looking to lose weight but do like the idea of deliberate training and seeing improvement on my bike. Thanks!

  16. Nice one! I bought myself my first (and only) mountainbike as a reward for losing 25 kg's. I got interested in the sport because of your channel, which i found learning to replace my cassette on my commuter bike, so thanks Doddy! It's now almost two years later and I managed to keep the weight off and, just as important, I'm having the best times being out in the woods with my mountainbike! My tip is: Reward yourself with having fun, playing around on your mountainbike.

  17. Lost 10 kilo's since last september when I started playing with my MTB with a little change on my diet.

  18. Can you get Blake to do a video on suspension setup on his nukeproof scout for different riding styles. There seems to be no info online about the setup of an aggressive hardtail and it seems tuning a hardtail is essential to how they ride as its the only suspension you have. Pretty pleeease 😘 #askgmbn #askgmbntech #gmbn

  19. Eating a balanced diet is key not only to burning fat but gaining muscle as well what I found works for me is eating a few smaller meals every 2 hours or so and then two bigger meals through the day with about 3 hours until I eat the next meal make sure you have proteins carbs and micronutrients (veggies, fruits, etc) with in your meals and if you have two little “cheat” things a day (a cookie or a few pieces of candy) it will really help with cravings Best of luck to you all!

  20. Great summary. I think that for sprints I have one suggestion that has helped me lose quite a bit of weight and train. I think that doing a sprint loop with a small hill can be more effective since in EWS there are often little climbs and the small hill leads a small downhill that makes it more fun.

  21. Went from 450+lbs to >300 in less than 12 months from mountain bikes and keto diet, having fun is what makes it work!! Still got a ways to go, but am fitter and stronger now than when I was 18,

    Love the show,

  22. Does mountain biking/biking in general help slim down the thighs? Does anyone know any tips on the thighs spicifically?

  23. Bonking? A healthy alternative are fig/fruit bars, not the cheap Newton's, the real whole wheat ones. Great for quick energy, use them all the time on 3hr+ rides and even shorter ones.
    Controlling calories? Eating before and snacking during is key, if you're hungry that temptation to binge after will get you.
    Balanced diet? Yep, and you can certainly do it with a plant based diet. STAY AWAY FROM SATURATED OILS! They will kill your body's ability to get the oxygen you need. Seriously, try one greasy piece of pizza before a ride and you will never do it again.

  24. Cut the carbs, fasted rides, and intermittent fasting. Dropped from 225 to 160 lbs in 5 months. Strongest I’ve been in 25 years.

  25. Had to cut processed foods and added sugars. Calories and all that other stuff didn't count. Had to change to real food to start losing weight.

  26. #askgmbn
    I recently serviced and replaced the bearings on a Formula hub. All good but when I tighten wheel back into frame, it is stiff going forwards and backwards.
    I find by loosening the end cap, rear wheel runs free but leads to thru axle loosening while riding.
    I'm would love to solve this issue. OBVIOUSLY 😎

  27. Thanks so much! Great advice and plan. Personally, I am much more likely to stick with it on my mtn bike than going to a gym.

  28. #AskGMBN my mother has asked for a bike for her birthday, she is 'coughs' 50 something, and that something is closer to 60 than 50…..both my brother and myself ride mtb and live close to One Planet Llandegla, so very hilly, lots of mtb trails with the clwydian range and country roads (think spring classic road racing)….. she has also never rode a bike before, do i go for a hardtail, XC, city, or splash out on an emtb just for her not to like it, please help

  29. I have mostly a Desk job. Since using my Mountainbike for part of my way to work (about 24km per day, 15 of that on forest roads and trails about 350 m of elevation). I lost about 8kg in 10 Months. If I can't use my bike I go running 3 or 4 times a week (20 to 30km). I don't keep a special diet but i try to keep some Variation in what i eat and usually stop when i don't feel Hungry anymore( I rather have a small portion and a 2nd Helping if I'm still Hungry). In general I learned from my trainer when i was young to loose weight you should train longer time since the Body starts to convert Fat to Energy after ~45 min.

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