“1864” Here it is.
Here’s the base of the rogue samurai. Let’s go already Hijikata, otherwise– – Calm down, Heisuke.
– But… You! Don’t use that. But if you use this,
you’ll gain the power of a demon. You will only be an imitation of a demon, and not only that,
it consumes your life too. Before you lose your life, you’ll lose yourself
and you’ll no longer be human. Are you fine with that? I’m sorry. I’ll take the lead. Okay. I got it. I’ll go with Hajime too! We’re counting on you, Leader. I’ll be at the rear as usual. Thanks, Harada. Then I’ll be going with you, Hijikata. Soji, don’t get too fired up. I’m not the only one
who gets too fired up. – Why you!
– We got company! – Who the hell are you!
– Why you! Toshizo Hijikata and Shinsengumi are here! Now… Go! Say your prayers! Why you! So you are here, Shinsengumi. Bring it on. Move! I will take care of this. Yukimura. Are you okay? Behind you! You! Hijikata! Sure enough. You shamelessly came
to rescue this girl. Ugh. If… Come. Let’s go. If it were anywhere else but here, our destiny… might have been different? “2015” “Hakuo Academy” Hakuo Academy, a private school. This academy started
as a small Kendo Dojo, and is a newly established school. “Be a proud samurai” This school’s academic philosophy is,
“Be a proud samurai.” One, two, three, four. A long time ago, samurai mastered
the art of swordsmanship to honor courtesy and loyalty. They devotedly trained
their mind and body and worked hard together – with their fellow samurai.
– Your tie is loose. Button up your blazer too. Loss of one point. Button up. Hey! Don’t run. Honestly, I’m ashamed as your brother. Hey! I’m telling you not to run! The samurai’s aspirations
from times of old were passed down to modern youths
through high school education… to train the pioneers of the future. “Shiei-kan” This academy used to be just for men, but it turned co-ed this school year. It started accepting female students,
but… Not many female students would consider enrolling in this first year co-ed school. As a result, Chizuru Yukimura was the only female who had enrolled
this year. Morning! Morning! All right! Sit down everyone. This is the story of the only
female student at Hakuo Academy… the students who care for her… and us teachers. “Hakuoki SSL~Sweet School Life~”
“#1 Beyond space and time…” “Periodical Examinations” It’s coming up. – Are you confident?
– Nope, but I don’t want that penalty. I think I’ll study again. See you later! Ibuki, you’re going home? Are you sure? Periodical examinations
start tomorrow. Are you hungry? I’m poor. I can’t waste any energy on studying. Mr Harada. Ryunosuke! If your test results
are like last time, even I, your class teacher,
won’t be able to protect you. I know. Next time you’ll surely get
that horrifying penalty. Do you understand? I understand. Be careful on your way home! Yukimura, how are studies
for the exam coming along? I’m doing my best for now. You were worried last time too,
but you did quite well. Not at all. I need to go to the library today
to study again. Our school’s penalty sure is harsh. But you are fine. Thank you very much. Heisuke? Are you okay? Are you okay? Chizuru? What am I doing here? Isn’t it better for you to go home? No, I might fall asleep at home. So I’m going to study a little more
in the classroom. Heisuke! It would help if you slept a little. But if I sleep now, I sure won’t get up till tomorrow morning. I definitely don’t want that penalty. Hi, Yukimura and Todo.
What’s the matter? Mr Sannan, could he use a bed? Sure, go ahead. This way. There. I can get used to this. You seem fatigued. I studied too much…
It’s impossible. I see. Then… Drink this. You’ll be very refreshed. I don’t need that! Is that so? It’s very effective. What is that made of? It’s a secret. I have to leave to take care
of a few things, so please help yourself. I’m weirdly awake now. You’re tired.
You should try to get some rest. You’re right. You know… I have a favor to ask you, Chizuru. A favor? Please! Wake me up in an hour. Then I’ll go home and study. Okay. When I was little, I always laid my head in your lap. It’s so nostalgic. It sure is. Chizuru… Do you like this school? Of course. “Todo” Since you recommended this school, “Yukimura Clinic” I have fun every day. I go there, so it’s a sure thing! Chizuru, let’s go
to Hakuo Academy together! Thanks for everything, Heisuke. I’m so glad you’re my friend. “Student Council Room” I met that girl six months ago. Chizuru Yukimura… I wish to tie the nuptial knot with you
as my wife soon. She is genuinely in love with me,
yet she shows no signs of it, and acts naturally. That is lovely. She’s the first woman… to make me feel this way. I haven’t forgotten
about our last meeting. My heart is still moved by it. That was a beautiful moment. Kazama, you just ate with her
at the school cafeteria. How are you, my bride. Yes, I’m fine. When I gazed at her, she shrunk like a critter. She was so bashful. It was sweet. I suspect that she wasn’t being bashful, but that she was actually scared. I’m a man of my word. Chizuru Yukimura… no matter what happens, I, Chikage Kazama, will protect you. Amagiri and Shiranui, you do not understand a woman’s heart. I assume that girl
is obsessed with me right now. This is so hard! I’m sorry. Inoue… Inoue… I think it should be around here. Let’s see… Organizing in progress? “Classics by Genzaburo Inoue” There it is! A little more… I can’t do it. Is this it? So you remembered the reference book
I recommended? His books are the best.
They’re very helpful. But lately, even if I share
information out of kindness, they won’t even attempt to look– Watch out! Are you okay? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. What did you do that for? Are you okay? Are you okay? I’m really sorry. Here. Thank you very much. I hope your studies are going smoothly? Yes, I think I’m trying hard enough to avoid that penalty. Yukimura, so that you know,
you won’t get any special treatment for being the only female student
at this school. It’s fine. If my penalty is reduced just because I’m a girl, then it wouldn’t be fair to the others. We initially set this harsh penalty
without considering the possibility of applying it to a girl. In any case, do your best. Yes. Make sure to go home before it gets dark. “Hakuo Academy” “Faculty Room” All I have left is this paperwork. Thanks for all your hard work. Kondo. Thanks. It’s fine to work obsessively,
but are you getting enough rest? Periodical examinations start tomorrow. I can’t be taking a break. I heard that you come in
on your days off now too. Don’t worry about me. Well, just don’t push yourself too hard. I wouldn’t know what to do if you,
our assistant principal, collapsed. Sure. How is Yukimura doing? How? Don’t you regret enrolling her? Being the only girl must be hard. Oh no! I can’t afford to live this month! Nagakura, what do you mean
you can’t afford to live? Kondo… Well, that’s… You’re gambling, aren’t you? First of all, don’t bring
the racing paper to school! I could give you a lesson you know.
It’s been a while. Um, no… my uniform and bamboo sword are…
you know… Now… let me prepare for tomorrow. Irrealis, Irrealis. Ru. Raru. Su. Samu. Shimu. This book sure is incredible.
It’s very easy to follow. Inoue is the best. I told you to go home before dark. Mr Hijikata. If I recall correctly,
your home is that way. Yes. I’ll take you home. Let’s go. Yes… When is your father returning home? He’s scheduled to come back
six months from now. That island never had a doctor before, so the patients are dependent on him. It must be hard. Yes… Um… Did you design the penalty
for the periodical examinations, Mr Hijikata? Why do you ask? Well, earlier, you said it as if you designed it. It may be a severe penalty, but I need to improve your grades. I’ll do anything to achieve that. It’s just that. Mr Hijikata, there is a reason why
you have to do that. “Yukimura Clinic” In that case, I’ll believe in you, and do my best! Good. I’m fine here. Thank you very much. Go inside now. Yes. Dad? Yes, I just got home. Don’t worry about it. It’s fine. I’m working hard. How is Yukimura doing? Don’t you regret enrolling her? I don’t regret enrolling her. It’s just… Our encounter was inevitable It’s the fate of the century The strobe of my memory Recalls how I felt Back then Broken hearts And feelings that were left behind I repeatedly say your name Not to lose you again During the changing seasons The flower of promise blooms At a place where we are to meet again This feeling goes beyond time And still resonates deep in my heart The more I think of you
The stronger this feeling gets My emotions are overflowing But I hold back and suppress my words And repeat that same refrain

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