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coronavirus is takeaways for boosting your energy and your immune house
everyone wants to know about that right now and I think whenever we are faced
with adversity we got to look at the silver lining and I think there’s always
these sayings like make lemons out of lemonade or if life craps you eggs make
an omelet that’s one that I heard on Curb Your Enthusiasm the other day but
anyways I think it’s really important because there’s a lot of takeaways that
we can get from this pandemic that we aren’t necessarily doing right now that
we need to listen to the signs of how our body has basically been engineered
over the millenia to fight adversity fight famines and fight illnesses and
and ultimately pass on the successful genes so that we can thrive and we can
procreate and then you know like the natural selection the strongest survive
and and the weakened genes don’t survive and and I want to talk to you about that
today because it has a lot to do with your HPA axis your your your hormone
responses your ability do you have energy your ability to have immunity
your ability to have longevity and I think it’s really important my name is
dr. Joel Rosen I am the adrenal fatigue recovery ninja
and today I want to talk to you about what these take homes or these takeaways
are as it relates to boosting your energy and your immune system so some of
the things that I want to talk up is why the virus itself is urging you to get
back to the basics we’re going to talk about what you’re doing right now when
you’re in lockdown it’s either helping or hurting you and
then we’re gonna talk about this balance between a Tov G and M tour that really
is kind of the underlining theme of what we want to talk about
today so the first and foremost is how we’re engineered I mean we’re engineered
as as nomads really that go through time of
feast and famine we really do and our body is engineered that way it’s
engineered on a circadian rhythm on darkness and light and it’s also
engineer engineer Don communicating in in communication and your cells
communicate and when that communication breaks down aging sets in and immunity
break down and your body is more prone to illness so this virus is and the
spread of it is is kind of like putting smelling salts under our noses to make
us to wake up and realize we got to be proactive we got to be we got to take
care of our health not only to come out of this with greater strength and
immunise community and resiliency but to have a lot more reserves when something
else like this happens because the people that I work with typically
they’re they’re exhausted and burnt out before all of this and now this is
making them even more exhausting and more burnt-out and more fearful and more
over sympathetically stimulated and so what I want what I want to talk about is
what are we doing that isn’t in line with what our body has been created to
or engineered for and if you think about it we never had cell phones we never had
Wi-Fi we never had the abundance of food that we have now and all of these
stressors are way more in your face than the proverbial saber-toothed tiger
analogy like when you’re running from a saber-toothed tiger where we’re facing a
saber-toothed tiger every day with our with our toxins with our EMF with the
pathogens that we get exposed to with the foods that we get exposed to and and
what you do during this isolation is going to make
you more healthy or less healthy in my opinion and and choose the more healthy
way and so what I want to do is talk to you about a toffee G and talk to you
about mTOR so a toffee G is our body’s cleaning minute it takes cells and
debris and it clears it out it removes miss folded proteins so that
it doesn’t activate your your consequence of Domino effects of your of
your genes being turned on for self-preservation and and it’s a
necessary thing at otha g and and unfortunately now that we’re isolated
and we’re in our homes all day on the fridges right there and i know if i
stayed at home all day i’d be 600 pounds cuz the fridge is right there and when
you’re stressed out you’re also getting more things and we’re not we’re not
engineered to eat as frequently as we do we’re engineered to eat in terms of time
restricted eat windows or when we’re going through a famine to not eat at all
and then there’s lots of research that shows calorie restricted diets are are
better for longevity and better for health and energy production and immune
strengthening so if you’re at home now eating all the time that is not a good
thing I mean that’s common sense but it’s not a good thing in terms of it
stimulates your mTOR so now what is mTOR whereas etaf in g is more your ability
to cleanse and recycle and remove and repair and and and really clean the
slate if you will on the other hand is mTOR and mTOR is really about growth
factors so building and and regenerating and that requires lots of proteins we
have mTOR stimulation from iron from B vitamins from weightlifting from EMFs
it’s another thing when you are on your phone all day long and exposed to EMFs
almost everywhere you go that’s stimulating your mTOR – so if you’re
eating lots of food you’re on Wi-Fi and you’re stressed out right now your mTOR
is going crazy and that’s not necessarily a bad thing but it’s not a
good thing all the time and and that’s where I want you to start thinking about
how can I harness the engineering of my body to work in my favor especially in
today’s day and age and so what I like to see is going through three or four
days or one or two days six or seven days of one or the other not both you
don’t want to be pulling in different directions on the same rope meaning you
don’t want to be doing intermittent fasting restriction of calories
restriction of proteins and always be on your cell phone and taking lots of the
vitamins or lifting weights on the flip side you want to be doing the mTOR stuff
for repairing and regenerating and building without doing the etaf adji
stuff which is intermittent fasting protein restrictions Wi-Fi restrictions
so I wanted to encourage you to take a look at what you’re doing during this
during this crazy time and see if it’s harnessing your engineering so that you
can get the best health that you can so this is a complex subject there’s
definitely the requirement of looking at your predispositions of your genes like
I think that in order to have the best customized approach to this
it requires looking at your your functional genomics your functional
genomics and we offer a functional genomic test and we review that test and
go over it with with everyone that I work with
because that’s gonna tell me okay you do have challenges in your toffee G or you
do have challenges in the things that stimulate mTOR and ultimately that mTOR
is going to create a huge burden on mass else and then mass cells are going to
stimulate your white blood cells and then whites up cells are going to
stimulate your HPA axis that’s going to release cortisol and that’s gonna have
an impact on your histamine and that’s gonna be really problematic there’s a
lot of down downhill impacts of all of this
which if all of that’s going haywire makes a viral load that much more
problematic and this is why I call it a wake-up call because you don’t need to
know the ABC alphabet soup like I do but you need to know the basics and the
basics is am i doing things that are supporting my toffee G or am i doing
things that are supporting my mTOR or am i doing both at the same time and
there’s three lessons there number one learn how to do things for a toughie G
learn how to do things for mTOR and learn how to do them not at the same
time because if you’re constantly doing the mTOR thing which just being in the
environment that we live in today you’re doing that EMF massive amounts of
proteins dairy iron in the foods that are enriched lots of B vitamins lifting
weights now again everything in imbalance in a Goldilocks zone is is
good but you want to harness it even more in term making sure that you’re
doing stuff on one day two days three days seven days of only this and one day
two day three days seven days of only that and and I work with you to look at
that stuff so taking your glucose and your ketone levels making sure you’re
looking at your genetics looking at your other epigenetic factors like mold or
infections or heavy metals or foods that you may be eating that you’re reacting
to because ultimately God is stimulating your mast cells which is stimulating
your HPA axis which is stimulating your mTOR and it’s a
vicious cycle so hopefully that made a lot of sense it’s it’s a it’s a very
difficult concept but I want to just continue to throw new stuff at you so
you’re like oh that makes sense I kind of knew about this but I didn’t really
put two and two together now it makes a lot of sense for me and that means being
metabolically flexible that means being able to go from intermittent fasting to
feasting or to to you know not having protein and not lifting weights and not
being on your cell phone not taking B vitamins so that you
cleanse and you repair and that’s really key
so hopefully that made a lot of sense to you and that’s kind of what I want to
talk to you about today put your comments definitely in the feed because
unfortunately I can’t see your comments and then make sure that you like or
subscribe or share this with other people please I ask that you share this
and then most importantly if you are wanting to maximize your health and get
your health back or come through this ahead and and all of this makes sense
you’re like a biohacker or you wanna you want to be able to customize a program
so that you come out of this with way better health than you would did coming
into it and you’re not you’re no longer because that’s the other thing with this
is is that it let us know how vulnerable we are in terms of how much how much
time do we have to to not be working or you know how good was your health before
a health scare and and to me that’s that’s lemonade right that’s lemonade
squeeze those lemons and make lemonade and and get something out of it so that
makes a lot of sense to you I’ll put a link in here where we can sign up for a
call no charge but again I always say you have to be serious like don’t don’t
waste my time if you’re just kicking tires you’re you’re really serious about
getting your health back and you are decisive that you know like I got to get
my health back and you’re a resourceful you’re going to do what
takes to get your health back then I’m gonna put a link here but I’ll continue
to no matter what provide information for you to give you some moral Haws so
that you get your health back anyways my name is dr. Joel Rosen
I am the adrenal fatigue recovery ninja and I look forward to ending your genome
fatigue nightmare take care and have an awesome day

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1 thought on “Corona Virus Social Distancing Health Strategies

  1. Thanks for sharing! Great information. Stay positive and be cautious. I live in Texas and we are currently under a stay-at-home order. Only “essential” businesses are allowed to stay open. Most people are staying in their houses, except for grocery runs, exercising outside and minor errands. Many of my neighbors sit out in their yards grilling and drinking most of the daily.

    I currently have a daily regimen of two workouts. I go for a bike ride early in the morning and I do a crossfit bodyweight routine in the evening indoors. I watch at least two movies daily and I find two topics daily I research online which uses quite a few hours. I have no problems using up time without boredom. I also have a rolling list of household chores/projects as a filler.

    My eating schedule is the same as usual. I do 18:6 intermittent fasting daily with keto. I have two well balanced meals daily over six hours. I avoid fruit (except berries), starches, grains, sugar, soy, refined carbs and processed foods. I get my groceries delivered. I keep it simple so I do not have to over think it. Keep sharing and talking. Cheers!

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